Participant List
Note: The following list is the list of prospective participants registered to MICOPAM 2020-2021. If there is a typo at your info in the following list, please contact us by sending an email to micopam2018@gmail.com to correct it.

Participant List of MICOPAM 2020-2021

Order First and Last Name University/Institution Country Presentation Type Presentation Title
1 Ravi P. Agarwal Texas A&M University USA Oral To Be Announced
2 Min-Soo Kim Kyungnam University South Korea Oral To Be Announced
3 Helmuth Robert Malonek Universidade de Aveiro Portugal Oral To Be Announced
4 Sabadini Irene Maria Politecnico di Milano Italy Oral To Be Announced
5 Gradimir V. Milovanović Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Serbia Oral To Be Announced
6 Wolfgang Sprößig TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Applied Analysis Germany Oral To Be Announced
7 Yılmaz Şimşek Akdeniz University Turkey Oral To Be Announced
8 Mustafa Alkan Akdeniz University Turkey Oral To Be Announced
9 Irem Kucukoglu Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University Turkey Oral To Be Announced
10 Rahime Dere Pacin Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University Turkey Oral To Be Announced
11 Shadi Shaqaqha Yarmouk University Jordan Oral An analog of Lagrange’s theorem for enveloping algebras
12 Suleyman Cengizci Antalya Bilim University Turkey Oral Some Comparisons on Numerical Approaches for Solving Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion Systems
13 Abdulkadir Datti Bauchi State University Nigeria Oral A Complete Proof of the Beal Conjecture
14 Yusuf Dauda Jikantoro Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Nigeria Oral To Be Announced
15 Mohammed Ezzine Djeffal University of Batna 1 Algeria Oral To Be Announced
16 Natália Pacheco Rego Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave Portugal Oral On Lie-central derivations and almost inner Lie-derivations of Leibniz algebras
17 Bassey Echeng Bassey Cross River University of Technology Nigeria Oral Optimal control for multi-treatment of Dual listeriosis infection
18 Andreea Fulga Universitatea Transilvania Brasov Romania Oral On contractions iterate at a point
19 Abdulrahman Ndanusa Federal University of Technology Nigeria Oral A preconditioned AOR-type iterative method for L-matrix systems
20 Kabiru Muhammad School of Technology, Kano State Polytechnic Nigeria Oral On the performance of two modified Broyden methods for solving systems of nonlinear equations
21 Fadila Leslous University Mouloud Mammeri Tizi Ouzou, LAROMAD Algeria Oral Application of DCA in the
Optimization of a Telecommunications Network
22 Rachid Lemdani Medea University Algeria Poster Graphs with their packing chromatic number
23 Abdurrahman Abdulhamid Kano State Polytechnic Nigeria Oral An Analytic Solution of Simplified Mathematical Model of Continuity Equation
24 Raihanatu Muhammad Federal University of Technology Nigeria Oral Analysis of algebraic pattern of a first order and an extended second order Runge–Kutta type methods
25 Nabila Aiane Université de Béjaïa Algeria Oral Stochastic Ill-posed Problem with α-mixing errors
26 Benchettah Djaber Chemseddine Higher School of Management Sciences Algeria Oral Sub-solution approach for the Asymptotic
Behavior of a Parabolic Variational Inequality Related to American
Options Problem
27 Kamel Tablennehas Médéa University Algeria Poster About the dot criticality index of a connected domination in P4 sparse graphs

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